3 Reasons Why Every Boss Lady Needs a Meditation Stress Relief Zen Garden

3 Reasons Why Every Boss Lady Needs a Meditation Stress Relief Zen Garden

There is no doubt that women in business face more difficult challenges on a daily basis than men do and the higher your rank in a business or company, the more true it is. Whether you are a female entrepreneur, run a small business or are an executive in a large corporation, stress is most likely a huge part of your daily existence. While it is just as important for men to find ways of relieving stress, the stress involved in being a female in business is exponentially higher. Here are 3 reasons why every boss lady needs a meditation stress relief zen garden.

  1. Adds a touch of beauty to your decor

A desktop zen garden adds a touch of beauty to what it otherwise often rather utilitarian spaces, particularly when you pair it with small plants or touches of greenery. A small water feature somewhere in your office or on your desk can also help create a soothing, calming atmosphere in the midst of the chaos and noise of a busy office. Even if you are a female entrepreneur building your own business, taking a few moments to relax and rake some sand and rearrange some stones can go a long way towards helping you stay mentally and emotionally healthy for the long haul of building a business.

  1. Helps to make difficult decisions.

As a boss lady, you often have to make difficult decisions or as a female entrepreneur, you may have to come up with new strategies to tackle old problems. It is one of many of life's strange mysteries that often when we are the most focused on solving a problem, we are least likely to do it. The meditative aspect of a zen garden can help you shut down your conscious mind, which often allows your subconscious take over. Inspiration often strikes when we least expect it, and more often than not, it happens when we are doing something other than focusing on the problem.

  1. Creates a mindful brain break

Humans are just not designed to go hard at it for 8 straight hours every day and yet if we don't have something pressing on us to take a break, we often won't. A desktop zen garden sits right on your desk in plain view as a constant reminder of the necessity of taking a break. Ironically, taking a break is often hard if we don't have something to do. A meditation zen garden is the perfect blend of relaxation and activity that can be a crucial tool in helping women in business build the discipline of taking regular, mindful breaks. Every half hour or so, set a timer and spend 5 minutes combing your zen garden or moving rocks and watch your productivity soar. Click here to get your very own Meditation Stress Relief Zen Garden on sale for a limited time. Only $22 with FREE Shipping.