Content Marketing Trick to Produce Online Content Super Fast!

We all know how time consuming it is to produce quality content to share online. Writing good articles, filming videos, doing live streams and podcasts all take many hours to produce, edit and post. But there is an easier way.

Try converting the content you have already posted into different formats. For example, you can take a video and then transcribe it using and turn it into an article or blog post, a free ebook giveaway or get the captions and post on Facebook so that people who want to watch the video but are at work and can’t put the volume up can still watch.

Another way to re use a video is to strip the audio and upload as a podcast. If you are starting with a blog post, then take it and make it into a video using slides with text (adobe spark video is great for this). Be creative and make sure to use that great content of yours in as many formats as you can think of and post on all your social media channels for the greatest impact.

This blog post you are reading right now is also on LinkedIn Pulse and I will be sharing it on I also shared the graphic below with some of the text here on social media and in Facebook Groups. Make it a daily habit and before you know it you will be filling you blog, Youtube channel and social media channels with content your followers will love.