There Are No Good Excuses!

There Are No Good Excuses!

Excuses make us feel better. If only for a little while. The lies we tell ourselves about what we just couldn’t do it give us little comfort though when we realize that our inaction and procrastination comes with a big price.

When we don’t want to do something–whether it is because we are scared, lazy or feeling so overwhelmed we don’t know where to start–we desperately try to assuage our immediate feelings of guilt by racking our brains for a valid excuse.

“I am too sick today”, “I will wait until I have everything I need to get started” or “I can’t do it now because I am too busy with other things”. Our brains say “Yes, that one sounds good”.

And we feel better. Until that same project, issue, task, action step, etc. still needs to get done and now the burden of it has grown bigger and more painful and the excuses just don’t cut it anymore.

Want to solve this?

Do what you can and do it NOW.
Don’t wait another minute. Take some sort of action towards whatever it is that you are putting off. Even if it is just for 5 minutes.

Once you get started you will want to continue and that big scary thing that required all those excuses will dwindle down and then poof! It is DONE.

Go ahead. Try it today. Take one small action step towards something you have been putting off and see how you feel.